Content Guide


  • Why Am I Here?
  • Can College Really Make a Difference?
  • Getting Into College is Not Enough
  • Why Is it so Hard for Youth in Care to Graduate from College?
  • What is PrepNOW!™?


  • Genealogy Chart
  • Your Feelings about College
  • Value Statements
  • Contributing Factors to Your Value of Education
  • Review of Your School History
  • Action Steps Based on Values
  • Exercise: Goal Setting
  • Personal Value of a College Education to Youth in Care


  • Clarifying Your Role
  • Active Listening
      How To Be A Great Listener
  • Strategies to Help Youth Stay Motivated
  • Building a College Going Culture in the Home
      Books Day Trips! Community Services and School Activities Summer Jobs and Internships The Step by Step Guide to Getting into College and Graduating


  • Definition of Resilience
  • Recognizing Resilience
  • Resilience Facts
  • Nurturing Resilience
  • Next Steps
  • Resources to Help Build Resilience

Knowledge & Skills

  • Academic Advocacy
      Who Will Advocate? Day to Day Academic Advocacy Practicing Advocacy
  • Helping Youth With Their Personal Essay
      What to Write About
  • Who is Going to Pay for This?
      The FAFSA
  • Understanding the SATs
      PSATs SAT FAQs What to Bring on Test Day
  • College Search
      7 Quick Tips for Making the Most of a College Visit
  • The Five-Year Plan
      Reasons for the Extended Plan

College Persistence

  • Preparing for College
  • Driving to School
  • Staying Connected
  • What Can You Do to Stay Connected?
  • Weekends and Vacations
  • You Will Need Support